You Throw Like A Girl

You Throw Like A Girl

Rachele Alpine

You Throw like a Girl- by Rachele Alpine is a great courage booster book for girls of many ages, though, it is a big chapter book so maybe it is more for girls 8 or 9 and up, but bellow eight, parents can read it to them. The book is about a girl named Gabby who has to spend the summer at her Grandma’s and is hoping to sigh up for the Sumer girls softball team. But alas, there is no girls team! Gabby’s mom wants her to sign up for the Miss Popcorn pageant  but it just isn’t her style.  Gabby takes a daring move and signs up for the boys baseball team while her mom signs her up for the pageant. Gabby now has to learn beauty and pretend to be a tough boy. Can Gabby manage both? Maybe she just has to throw like a girl!


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  1. A fabulous recommendation for an elementary school library. You Throw Like a Girl tackles the pressure one might feel to fit a certain “type.” I agree a wonderful courage booster.

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